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EnGenius Durafon Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available with EnGenius Durafon Products, allowing you to customise the system to suit your exact requirements.

Image Product Code Product Name
Antenna Splitter Splitter Antenna Splitter
Handset Leather
            Case DURAPOUCH Handset Pouch
            20, 30 Metre Antenna SN902AK10L Low Loss EnGenius 10m Cable and External Antenna Kit
            20, 30 Metre Antenna SN902AK20L Low Loss EnGenius 20m Cable and External Antenna Kit
            20, 30 Metre Antenna SN920AK30 - Limited Stock Low Loss EnGenius 30m Cable and Antenna Kit
            Base Unit SN902BASE EnGenius Base Unit (SN902)
SP922 Base Unit SP922BASE EnGenius Base Unit (SP922)
SP922 Base Unit SP9228BASE EnGenius Base Unit (SP9228 Pro)
Handset Battery SN902BA EnGenius Durafon Battery
Belt Clip SN902BC EnGenius Durafon Belt Clip
Charger and Plug
            Pack SN902CH/SP922CH/SP9228CH EnGenius Durafon Charger and Plug Pack
SN902 Handset
            Complete SN902HC SN902 Handset Complete
SP922 Handset
            Complete SP922HC SP922 Handset Complete
SP9228 Handset
            Complete SP9228H SP9228 Pro Handset Complete
External Antenna
            Only ( No Cable ) SN920ANT External Antenna
Handset Antenna
            (Long) SN902LANT Handset Antenna (Long)
Handset Antenna
            (Short) SN902SANT Handset Antenna (Short)
Headset with Volume Control SN902MICHSET Headset with Volume Control
            Protection Kit SN920ULPK Lightening Protection Kit)


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