Lift Gateways

Why use lift gateways?

With the introduction of the NBN, lifts now require fail-safe solutions to replace the existing landline. When the existing landline is disconnected, you need to have a lift phone that doesn't rely on the NBN.

Our lift gateway

4G Lift gateway

NEOSLIFT Voice gateways provide a replacement for analogue telephone lines connected to elevator phones.

  • PSTN Replacement for NBN installations

  • 4G Elevator Voice Gateway with battery monitoring

  • Batter backup for up to 8+ Hours

  • Includes wall mounting bracket

  • Supplied with magnetic base antenna with 3 metre lead for best signal placement

Compliant with Australian Standards including AS1735.19 which came into effect in October 2020 requiring lift gateways to have automatic battery and power monitoring status, in the event of failure.